Continuing problems with Dolphin Trust investments

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Dolphin Trust, now trading as German Property Group (GPG), have recently released an update to inform clients that due to its ongoing liquidity issues they recently considered filing for bankruptcy, however, have instead decided to move forward with a restructuring process and have received an offer from potential German investors to take over the assets within their entire portfolio.

GPG anticipate this will lead to them being able to make an offer to all investors in 6 – 8 weeks so they can conclude the exits of their investment bonds.

It cannot be certain how much this offer will be, but there is a distinct possibility that any offer being made will not be for full amount investors were expecting to receive.

Please click here to view a full copy of update being sent from GPG.

Please be assured that if your investment does not return to you what had been informed of initially, you may have suitable grounds for a claim against either the Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) or Pension/SIPP provider who enabled your investment to be purchased.

In order to find out if you would be valid for a potential claim on your GPG investment please contact us via telephone on 01782 844844, via email at [email protected], or by completing the contact form on our website.